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Blue Death Feinging Beetle (Asbolus verrucosus) is one of darkling beetles native to Californian desert area. These beetles feign death by stopping their motion completely when disturbed/threatened, so they are commonly known as the Blue Death Feigning Beetles. They can live up to 8-10 years. They feed on beetle jelly, dog food, carrot, and dried minnow. These beetles are wild collected from California.


Item Option


[1ea] contains one single beetle

[3ea] contains three beetles


[without Kit] beetle(s) comes in a small container for transit purpose

[with Kit] beetle(s) comes with a cage and all the environment materials with 4 beetle jelliesKit includes: cage (6" x 4" x 2.7"), sand, mulch, cork bark, beetle food, and care guide





The Blue Death Feigning Beetles are omnivorous, so they can feed on pretty much anything edible! They love our Beetle Jelly, of course, and can be fed carrots, dried minnows, and dog food. They don't feed a lot, so we provide a small portion of food weekly basis. Mini carrot, couple dried minnows, or couple dog food pellets are good enough. They don't require water bowl as they can acquire all the water they need from carrots (or Beetle Jelly).



As the Blue Death Feigning Beetles are from desert area, they prefer dry condition, so we set them up with sand and cypress mulch bedding, and then couple of corc barks or driftwood on top. No lighting or heating is required, unless storing place is extremely cold.


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Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) is for Next Day Shipping ONLY. All insects are shipped via 1-3 Day Priority in default.Please inquire us for the Next Day shipping.

Shipment of live beetles will be sent out separately from other non-living items to safely packaged and be arrived in time.

Blue Death Feigning Beetle


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