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Store Terms and Conditions

Pictures listed for items for sale are only to represent what it is like. You must read all the descriptions in the item to configure what you are purchasing. It could be adult beetles or larvae. Please refer to the item name and description carefully.


By placing an order through this website you agree to our SHIPPING & DELIVERY terms, below.


Any issues and disadvantages due to not reading these Terms and Conditions are the responsibility of customers and visitors.


We are here hoping to promote insect rearing hobbies in the United States. Please do not discourage us from this. Please join us to make the great hobby even greater!


Questions? Contact us any time!



Insect Brothers ships merchandise and live organisms to locations within 48 contiguous states ONLY, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.



You are considering purchasing live organisms and having it shipped in a box to you. To protect live organisms, you, and us, we are providing Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) only to those who select overnight shipping (USPS Express) or FEDEX LIIVE ANIMAL SHIPPING with all of these conditions:


We exclusively provide FedEx live animal shipping services for reptile orders.

(1) you must be present at the provided address to receive package(s) in person,

-Any package left in/at mailbox/front door (or similar) can be exposed to various weather conditions as well as many other risky factors. You are responsible for this matter. You must be there at the address you provided to us.


(2) packages must be delivered on the very first delivery attempt.

-If you don’t accept the package on the very first delivery attempt made by postal service, your packages may travel in postal delivery trucks for a longer time, exposed to extreme stress and weather conditions. This can be a great factor that can reduce the life span of your organisms.


(3) delivery has not been delayed.

If the delivery has not been successfully made by the first guaranteed date and time (before any updates on delivery date), the responsibility lies to the postal service. If your package is delivered to the wrong address by mistake of USPS, then you must contact the postal service to file a claim.


(4) contacting us within an hour of a delivery.

Please contact us within an hour of a delivery. If you leave organisms in the box for a long period of time after you receive the package, we will consider that you are not interested in saving its life. Any contact after an hour of delivery will not be considered. You must open the package immediately as you receive.

(5) Temperature in your region (delivery address) must exceed 45˚F (lowest) or under 85˚F (highest) to validate Live Arrival Guarantee. (We do not provide LAG for other shipping methods.)

(6) All animal sales are final, However, if the return is due to customer circumstances or a change of mind, if we are able to accept the return, we will provide a 50% refund, and the shipping charges will not be refunded. If a refund is requested before shipping, a 3% restocking fee will be applied.

- If there is a need to hold the animal due to the buyer's situation, we will charge $3 per day for each animal. However, It is not a service we typically provided.

(7) We ship to the address provided during checkout and are not responsible for incorrect addresses.

(8) We recommend opting for FedEx hub destinations, typically facilitating a 9 am pickup, to mitigate potential exposure to extreme temperatures during transit in delivery trucks.

(9) We exclusively dispatch shipments on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays to ensure next-day delivery for reptiles

(10) In the event of unfavorable weather conditions preventing shipment, we will temporarily hold your animal until suitable conditions prevail. Please note that we do not issue refunds for animals unable to be shipped due to weather constraints. Shipments are executed when overnight temperatures range between 32°F and 80°F at both the origin and destination.

(11) The Live Arrival Guarantee becomes void if the animal is not picked up within 30 minutes of the scheduled delivery time.

(12) We disclaim responsibility for carrier errors and/or lost packages.

(13) It is imperative to ensure that someone is present at the designated shipping address on the day of arrival if you choose to have your animal shipped to your location. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee the driver will knock or ring, thus vigilance is recommended for timely receipt of the delivery.



* We cannot ensure the accuracy of gender determination for geckos under one year of age. However, with a temperature-controlled incubation process, we achieve a 90% success rate in sex determination. We provide a guarantee for the accuracy of gender determination for geckos aged one year or older.


*LAG or DOA are not applicable for non-living merchandise, however, we are still not responsible for any postal delivery accidents.


*Replacements or credit and sometimes refund will be issued at our discretion. Accidents can happen, but we rarely experience dead on arrival (DOA) even in the extreme weather conditions.

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