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Eastern Hercules Beetles (Dynastes tityus) is the next largest and the strongest beetle found in the US. Sold as L2~L3 larva. An average time it takes is about 12-24 months until the larvae becomes gaint adult beetles!


-[Larva Only] You will receive a larva in a small container with small amount of substrate only for transit. You will have to either transfer the larva over to a larger container, and acquire food on your own, or purchase it from us.

-[Larva Kit] You will receive a larva in a premium 32oz plastic bottle with a filtered hole on lid.


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  • Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) is for Next Day Shipping ONLY. All insects are shipped via 1-3 Day Priority in default. Please inquire us for the Next Day shipping.
  • Shipment of live beetles will be sent out separately from other non-living items to safely packaged and be arrived in time.

Eastern Hercules Beetle Larva

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