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Goliath Beetle larvae require an abnormous amount of high nutrition food to grow and emerge into fine adult beetles. This special high nutrition pellet food stimulates the development of your Goliath Beetle larvae into the major males and females!


The size of the pellet is ~5-6 mm (0.2") when soaked in warm water.


Volume: It is approxiamately 1 US Gallon (slightly over 2 lbs).

*If you made a purchase from us before, the contents may be packaged in a different bag from then.

**This item is only needed for Goliath Beetle larvae. No other species necessarily need this food.


Instructions to Feed Your Larva

  1. Measure proper amount
    L1: 1-2 pellets,
    L2: 2-3 pellets,
    L3: 4-8 pellets
    *This also depends on size and growth rates of each individuals)
  2. Place pellets in a small container
  3. Pour warm water
  4. Drain water after it is completely soaked (softened)
  5. Place pellets on top of substrate to feed your larvae without any dripping water.
  6. Remove any uneatened, leftover pellets after half day (Any uneaten pellets may attract mites and mold)


The content of this item will be bagged in a ziplock bag and then packaged in a padded envelope, so be careful to open up the package.





This item includes postage, and will be shipped out separately from other items.

Goliath Beetle Larva Food

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