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Goliath beetles (Goliathus goliatus) are among the largest and heaviest insects on the planet.

*Adult in Item Image is a general appearance of form that your larva will likely become in captivity once emerge. You may or may not receive beetle larva(e) as same exact patterns as shown.


This is offspring to hybridized Goliath Beetles (Goliathus goliatus (GG) x Goliathus regius (GR)).

we paired GG x GR in 2020

we paired GGxR F1 x GGxR F1 in 2021

And this listing is GGxR F2 (Next generation is reproducible)


Goliath Beetle larvae do not feed on beetle substrate. You do not need a large amount of [Beetle Substrate] we sell. You only need an amount to cover your beetle larva when burrowed. You must feed high nutrition food such as dog food, cat food, or koi food after soaking them in a warm water every other day. You must clean any uneaten food a day after the feeding. As they may cannibalize each other, they must be kept separately in different enclosure.


**Special thanks to Steven Barney and others for endless effort to deregulate Goliath beetles in the U.S. Since 2016, there is no restriction of ownership, selling/purchasing, transporting this gigantic flower beetle from Africa across the US state boarders.


  • Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) is for Next Day Shipping (USPS Express) ONLY. All insects are shipped via 1-3 Day Priority in default, unless selected.
  • Shipment of live beetles will be sent out separately from other non-living items to be safely packaged and be arrived in time.

Hybrid-Goliath Beetle Larva (L1-L2)

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