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Shredded Southern Red Oak Leaves

What is it for?

Shredded oak leaves are a supplementary for a larval growth in substrate! You mix a handful of shredded leaves in substrate, and feed your larvae. It is especially great for flower beetles and rhinoceros beetles. Leaves aid larval growth greatly!


Volume: ~120 oz


We have the Beetle Substrate for your larvae! However, if you wish to feed extra nutrition or make your own substrate for flower beetles and rhinoceros beetles, you can add shredded leaves beforehand and ferment it together to make it even better substrate!


This leaf litter is also a good food source for your isopods and many other decomposer!!


It is a chemical-free and a pesticide-free. It can decompose over time, and that is completely normal.


It is shredded, dried, Red Oak leaves picked up on Fall-Winter 2021.

This is prepackaged in Winter 2021 to avoid exposure to severe weather conditions.




*Some leaves may have only been partially shredded (or barely at all), but we shred leaves two to three cycles to avoid this as much as possible.

*Leaves are packaged in zip bag for your convenience in use then packaged into USPS Priority Flat Rate Paddeded Envelope. Use special caution to open a package as it can also cut through the zip bag (packaged in a box for 3-Bag option).

*Sterilization may be required depending on your purpose of usage as this is non-chemical treated leaves for insect rearing. For your reference, item is prepackaged and stored completely dried condition to avoid pest infection to the best I can.

*Limited numbers available for freshness!!





Postage included!

Shredded Leaves

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